Kingswear, South Devon

Kingswear, South Devon
  • Village on the east side of the River Dart and Estuary facing Dartmouth. One of the finest village locations in the Westcountry. Gets very busy
  • Great for ferry and boat trips
  • Local area packed with visitor attractions. Highlights include the Dartmouth Steam Railway, Coleton Fishacre (National Trust), Greenway (National Trust) and Dartmouth Castle (English Heritage)
  • Superb coastal and estuary walks. Follow the South West Coast Path east and west or walk a section of the Dart Valley Trail
  • Kingswear and Dartmouth are known for their pubs, bars, restaurants and cafes
  • Main photo: Kingswear village, the Dartmouth Steam Railway and a Dartmouth boat trip seen from the North Embankment in Dartmouth


River Dart and Estuary

River Dart and Estuary. Kingswear is in a remarkable location on the east side of the River Dart and Estuary across the water from Dartmouth. Ferries connect the two destinations. The estuary is stunning and guarded by two castles. Enjoy boat trips, coastal walking and waterside restaurants, pubs and cafes.


Dartmouth Steam Railway running from Kingswear

Dartmouth Steam Railway. Steam trains run from Kingswear into The English Riviera at Paington. Amazing coastal views.

We'd recommend the famous Round Robin trip. Hop on the Dartmouth Steam Railway to Paignton Station. Ride on the bus to Totnes Steamer Quay. Follow the River Dart downriver on the Dartmouth Totnes River Cruise. Take the ferry from Dartmouth to Kingswear where you started.


The Daymark Tower

The Daymark Tower. Walk the South West Coast Path in the River Dart and Estuary area or take a boat trip in Start Bay and you'll see a distinctive landmark in countryside above the cliffs near Kingswear. This is The Daymark Tower. Walk to the tower as part of a circular coastal walk.


Kingswear castles and fortifications

Brownstone Battery (National Trust). When walking that circular coastal walk from Kingswear, you'll encounter the remains of a WW2 battery. There are infromation boards on site telling the story of the fortifications.

Kingswear Castle. One of two castles defending the mouth of the River Dart and Estuary, this is now a private holiday let. It's popular so book well, well in advance!

Dartmouth Castle (English Heritage). Across the water from Kingswear, this is an English Heritage property. Take the foot passenger ferry to the castle or walk in on the South West Coast Path from Dartmouth.


National Trust properties near Kingswear

Coleton Fishacre (National Trust). Brilliant National Trust property tucked away in a quiet area of South Devon. Make sure you visit if you're on holiday in this area of South Devon as the gardens are exceptional and drop down to the coast. We'd recommend walking to Colecton Fishacre on the South West Coast Path from Kingswear.

Greenway (National Trust). Agatha Christie's home overlooks the River Dart to the north of Kingswear. Take a ferry from Dartmouth or walk the eastern section of the Dart Valley Trail to Greenway. Like Coleton Fishacre, the setting is amazing.


Kingswear South West Coast Path

See our Dartmouth/Kingswear South West Coast Path Walk listing for more information.


Kingswear Dart Valley Trail

See our Dart Valley Trail listing for more information. If time's short, walk the Dart Valley Trail from Kingswear to Greenway and take the ferry back. It's a super walk with magnificent views. Note that you walk uphill from Kingswear to get to Greenway.


Kingswear ferries and boat trips

Take the Dartmouth/Kingswear Lower Ferry to explore Dartmouth.

See our Dartmouth Ferries and Boat Trips listing to discover boat trips you can take on the River Dart and Estuary.



Dartmouth is one of the most beautiful towns in the UK. Lining the west bank of the River Dart and Estuary, it's packed with restaurants, pubs cafes and shops. There's a museum, boat trips, coastal and estuary walking and the superb Dartmouth Castle (English Heritage).



Head upriver and you come to the exceptionally pretty village Dittisham which is across the water from Greenway (National Trust).

Take the Greenway/Dittisham Ferry to visit this National Trust property from Dittisham.

Relax in the Ferry Boat Inn.



Continue upriver from Dittisham and you come to Totnes. Take in the views from thre ramparts of Totnes Castle (English Heritage) and then explore the town.


Beaches near Kingswear

Beaches east and north of Kingswear include:

Scabbacombe Sands (Beach)

Man Sands (Beach)

Broadsands Beach

Goodrington Sands (Beach)

Beaches south west of Kingswear include:

Blackpool Sands (Beach)

Slapton Sands (Beach)



The English Riviera

Kingswear sits below The English Riviera. This arc of coastline around Tor Bay is sensational. It's a very popular UK visitor destination and is packed with things to do and places to visit. Highlights include:

Paignton Zoo

Golden Hind

Living Coasts

Torre Abbey


Start Bay

Start Bay. This is the glorious bay at the mouth of the River Dart and Estuary. 


The Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary

Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary is a little further away but make the effort to visit as it's as impressive as the River Dart and Estuary. Visit East Portlemouth and Salcombe which sit opposite one another like Kingswear and Dartmouth.