Exe Estuary, South Devon

Exe Estuary, South Devon
  • Easily accessible by train via Exeter
  • Top visitor destinations such as Exeter, Topsham, Exmouth and Dawlish Warren are located on, or near, the Exe Estuary
  • Superb for walking, cycling and watersports. Wonderful beaches at Exmouth and Dawlish Warren
  • Great pubs including The Turf
  • Extraordinarily beautiful and home to a high number of important nature reserves
  • Main photo: walking the Exe Estuary Trail south of The Turf. Lympstone is the village beyond on the east side of the River Exe and Estuary


Why holiday or weekend break in the Exe Estuary area?

To help you choose the Exe Estuary area, we've listed some top destinations and local attractions below.


Exe Estuary towns and villages

Dawlish Warren. Hugely popular holiday resort where the estuary meets the sea. The beach, National Nature Reserve and resort line the west side of the coast here.

Exeter. Superb city built around one of the finest buildings in the UK, Exeter Cathedral. Explore Exeter's Historic Quayside before heading down to the Exe Estuary.

Topsham. Regularly judged to be one of the best places to live in the UK. Situated on the east bank of the River Exe and Estuary where East Devon meets South Devon. Pretty, well-heeled and vibrant. Easily accessible via Exeter. Stunning location.

Lympstone. Another gorgeous village on the east bank of the Exe Estuary. Visit via the Exe Estuary Trail.

Exmouth. Lines the east side of the coast where Exe Estuary meets the sea. Dawlish Warren is across the way. Huge beach, a top place for watersports and the beginning of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Exe Estuary Trail

Exe Estuary Trail. The Exe Estuary Trail is a multi-use recreational trail that runs around the side of the estuary. We'd recommend hiring bikes at Exeter's Historic Quayside and cycling the route.


Exe Estuary food and drink

The Turf. Amazing pub location where Exeter Canal meets the Exe Estuary. Take a ferry from Topsham or follow the Exe Estuary Trail to The Turf.


Powderham Castle and Estate

Powderham Castle and Estate. Major Devon visitor attraction. Particularly good for young families. Located on the west side of the Exe Estuary.


A La Ronde

National Trust property on the outskirts of Exmouth on the east side of the Exe Estuary. Prvides magnificent views of the River Exe and Estuary.


Exe Estuary and Exmouth ferries and boat trips

See Exe Estuary and Exmouth Ferries and Boat Trips for more information.


Exe Estuary nature reserves

Exe Estuary is known for its birdlife. Visit:

Exe Estuary RSPB Nature Reserves

Dawlish Warren National Nature Reserve

Exmouth Local Nature Reserve

Note that there's a fine RSPB visitor centre at Darts Farm by Topsham.


Darts Farm

People travel from far and wide to shop at Darts Farm. Pricey but top quality food, household goods and outdoor clothing. Includes Cotswolds Outdoor and Fired Earth. There’s a restaurant, brilliant take away fish and chips shop called The Fish Shed and an RSPB centre.


Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site and East Devon

Follow the Exe Estuary to Exmouth and wander along the coast and you're at the start of an internationally important UNESCO World Heritage Site that runs along the East Devon coast.

The start of the Dorset and East Devon Coast/Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site is marked by The Geoneedle overlooking Exmouth.