Hallsands, South Devon

Hallsands, South Devon
  • Remote, quiet village by Start Point at the tip of Devon
  • Where you'll discover a fascinating lost village
  • Provides immense views across Start Bay
  • The northen end of the village is lined with a big shingle beach. One of many shingle beaches (on the east coast) and sand beaches (on the south coast) in the local area
  • Great for coastal walking
  • Main photo: viewing platform and information boards overlooking Hallsands Lost Village/Ruined Village with Start Point and its lighthouse in the distance


Why holiday or weekend break in Hallsands?

To help you choose Hallsands, we've listed some of the local attractions below.


Hallsands Lost Village

Hallsands Lost Village/Ruined Village. Fascinating ruined village with large viewing platform and plenty of information boards. 'Hallsands was lost as a direct result of shingle being removed in order to enlarge Plymouth docks just before the First World War.'

Use one of the car parking areas at either end of the village and wander across to Hallsands Lost Village which is at the southern end of the village (ie closest to Start Point). 

The South West Coast Path runs along the front of Hallsands. A path then drops down to the viewing platform.


Hallsands beaches

As a rule of thumb, shingle beaches line the eastern coast of South Devon between Start Point and the mouth of the River Dart and Estuary. Sandy beaches line the southern coast between Start Point and Plymouth Sound.

Hall Sands (Beach). Reasonably large shingle beach at the northen end of Hallsands village. Park behind the beach or walk in on the South West Coast Path.

Bee Sands (Beach). A larger shingle beach lines the coast at Beesands village. There are good facilities including The Cricket Inn and plenty of parking. We'd recommend following the South West Coast Path from Hall Sands (Beach) as it's a beautiful stretch of coastline with gentle terrain and big views across Start Bay.

Slapton Sands (Beach). Huge shingle beach in the centre of Start Bay. Torcross village is at the southern end of the beach and Slapton Sands National Nature Reserve is behind. Given its size, there are plenty of parking areas behind the beach. You can also walk the South West Coast Path here.

Blackpool Sands (Beach). One of Devon's most popular family beaches. Shingle beach with excellent facilities on site. It's a private beach so charges apply.

Great Mattiscombe Sand (Beach). The southern coast of South Devon is close to Hallsands village. The stretch of coastline between Start Point and the mouth of the Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary is lined with 'secret' beaches. Great Mattiscombe Sand (Beach) is one of the best.

There's a large car parking area at Start Point. Charges apply. A path then drops down to Great Mattiscombe Sand (Beach). Alternatively, loop around Start Point on the South West Coast Path to access the beach from the east. This walk provides amazing views of the beach and the southern coast.

Lannacombe Beach. Beautiful, small beach situated in the centre of Lannacombe Bay. There's limited parking behind the beach. Best to walk in on the South West Coast Path.

East Portlemouth Beaches (Small's Cove up to Ditchend Cove). Amazing sandy beaches lining the lower section of the Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary below East Portlemouth and across the water from Salcombe. A foot passenger ferry runs between East Portlemouth and Salcombe. At low tide, these beaches become part of a single stretch of sand running south to the mouth of the estuary.

Mill Bay Beach (National Trust). Idyllic, sandy beach that's part of the abovementioned stretch of low tide sand. If you're on holiday in South Devon, make sure you spend a sunny day at this beach.


Start Bay and Start Point

Start Bay. One of the Westcountry's most beautiful bays. Visit Hallsands as part of a bigger trip along the coastline here.

Start Point is a highlight and is close to Hallsands village. Walk in on the South West Coast Path.

Start Point Lighthouse. Great place but opening hours vary.


East Prawle

Prawle Point is the southernmost point of Devon and is located near East Prawle which is Devon's southernmost village.

Pigs Nose Inn. Explore the area and then relax at this pub by the village green.


Pubs in the Hallsands area

The Cricket Inn overlooks Bee Sands (Beach).

Pigs Nose Inn is in the village East Prawle relatively close to Hallsands village.

Start Bay Inn is located in Torcross as the southern end of the huge Slapton Sands (Beach).


Hallsands South West Coast Path

Follow the South West Coast Path south of Hallsands and you come to Start Point. The coast path rises gently from Hallsands and then loops around Start Point.

Head north and you pass through Beesands on your way to Torcross. The coastline here is relatively flat so it's easy walking.


The Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary

The Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary is remarkable. Located a short distance west of Hallsands, make sure you visit!