Noss Mayo, South Devon

Noss Mayo, South Devon
  • Village surrounding Noss Creek and lining a section of Newton Creek on the south coast of South Devon. Newton Ferrers is across the water and connects to Noss Mayo by road, tidal causeway and ferry. Again, stunning waterside location
  • Two great pubs on either side of Noss Creek. Great views and pub gardens. A third pub is across the tidal causeway, or voss, in Newton Ferrers
  • Offers superb estuary and coastal walking west and east. Follow the South West Coast Path west along the south bank of Newton Creek to Wide Slip. Take a ferry across the estuary and continue to Wembury. Alternatively head east to the stunning River Erme and Estuary. Walks in both directions run along high cliffs and offer immense views
  • Enjoy lots of local 'secret' beaches including Cellar Beach looking out across the mouth of the River Yealm and Estuary. There are amazing low tide sand beaches at the mouth of the River Erme and Estuary
  • Explore Plymouth and Plymouth Sound to the west and Bigbury-on-Sea and Burgh Island to the east
  • Main photo: Noss Creek and Noss Mayo at low tide


Creeks and rivers by Noss Mayo

Noss Creek and the Voss. Noss Mayo lines the small Noss Creek and a section of the larger Newton Creek and the Voss. This then connects with the River Yealm and Estuary close to where the estuary meets the sea.

At low tide, you can cross both Noss Creek and Newton Creek on tidal causeways known locally as the Voss. You'll need to take the seasonal ferry/water taxi to cross the much wider and deeper River Yealm and Estuary.


Noss Mayo ferry/water taxi

Warren Point, Wide Slip and Yealm Steps Ferry/Water Taxi. A seasonal ferry/water taxi runs in a triangle between, roughly speaking, the waterside at Noss Mayo, Newton Ferrers and Wembury. There's a bit of a walk to access the ferry/water taxi service from these destinations.

Follow the South West Coast Path west of Noss Mayo to use the service. There are information boards on site and a small charge applies. Bring cash.


Noss Mayo pubs

Noss Mayo and Newton Ferrers are great for pubs. There are three of them by Noss Creek and Newton Creek. Again, cross the tidal causeways if you fancy a mini pub crawl. Note that you can walk the road that follows the line of Newton Creek when the tide rises and the causeways become unusable.

The Swan Inn Noss Mayo overlooks Noss Creek close to where it meets Newton Creek.

The Ship Inn Noss Mayo is located on the west side of Noss Creek. Both The Swan Inn and The Ship Inn have cool terraced pub garden areas.

Dolphin Inn Newton Ferrers sits above Newton Creek. There's a small pub garden out front with top views of Noss Mayo, Noss Creek and Newton Creek.


Noss Mayo South West Coast Path

See our Newton Ferrers/Noss Mayo South West Coast Path Walk listing for more information.


Noss Mayo beaches

Cellar Beach. Follow the South West Coast Path west of Noss Mayo and you come to the slipway for the ferry/water taxi. If you continue south and then west, you pass Ferry Cottage and climb through woodland on your way to Battery Cottage. You walk a short stretch of tarmac road. At Battery Cottage, on your right is a skinny track that takes you down to this superb 'secret' beach at the mouth of the River Yealm and Estuary.

Wembury Beach. If you take the ferry/water taxi mentioned above across the River Yealm and Estuary to Warren Point on the west side of the water, the South West Coast Path climbs sharply before levelling off and trending west to Wembury and its National Trust beach.

Alternatively, head east of Noss Mayo to enjoy Mothecombe (Meadowsfoot) Beach and Coastguard's Beach.


Noss Mayo and Wembury

The coast at Wembury is wonderful. Relax on, or enjoy watersports at, Wembury Beach.

Wembury Marine Centre and Wembury The Old Mill are located behind the beach.


National Trust properties near Noss Mayo

Saltram (National Trust) is a hugely popular National Trust property on the outskirts of Plymouth.


Noss Mayo and Plymouth

If you're on holiday in the Noss Mayo area, make sure you take a day trip to Plymouth. It's a remarkable city with an internationally important maritime history. In places, it's also stunning. Highlights include:

Plymouth National Marine Aquarium

Plymouth Barbican

Plymouth Ferries and Boat Trips

Plymouth Smeaton's Tower