Sunny Cove (Beach), Salcombe, South Devon

Sunny Cove (Beach), Salcombe, South Devon

Beach by the mouth of the Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary

Sunny Cove (Beach) is one of a number of sandy beaches lining the east side of the Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary. To the north east are Mill Bay Beach (National Trust) and East Portlemouth Beaches (Small's Cove up to Ditchend Cove). Across the water, to the west, are North Sands (Beach) and South Sands (Beach).


Location of Sunny Cove (Beach)

Sunny Cove (Beach) is located by the mouth of the Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary. It's on the east, or East Portlemouth, side of the estuary.

We've positioned Sunny Cove (Beach) on Google maps. Zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.


Directions and parking for Sunny Cove (Beach)

Head to East Portlemouth. Either follow the South West Coast Path south west, behind Mill Bay Beach (National Trust), to Sunny Cove (Beach) or, at low tide, walk the sandy foreshore down the east side of the estuary to Sunny Cove (Beach). If you follow the South West Coast Path, as you approach the Sunny Cove (Beach) area, you'll see a track on your right dropping down to the north end of the beach. You can see this track in our photos and on Google's satellite imagery.

For parking in East Portlemouth, use the car parking area behind Mill Bay Beach (National Trust). However, we'd recommend using the car parks on the Salcombe side as spaces are limited in and around East Portlemouth and it's much more difficult to get to by road.

For parking in Salcombe, use Shadycombe Road Car Park (3 hours only in the summer) or Creek Car Park (long stay). These are both within short walking distance of Fore Street, The Ferry Inn and Salcombe's waterfront. In high season, we'd recommend using the Park and Ride car park on the A381 approach road into the town. 


Sunny Cove (Beach)

At low tide, Sunny Cove (Beach) is a big arc of sand.

Salcombe Castle (English Heritage) is across the water next to North Sands (Beach). South Sands (Beach) is a little further down on the other side of the estuary.

There's a superb spit of sand at the southern end of Sunny Cove (Beach) that curls out into the water at low tide.


Things to do near Sunny Cove (Beach)

If your into walking, follow the South West Coast Path south and east to Gara Rock and Prawle Point.


Other things to do in the local area

Take the Salcombe East Portlemouth Ferry across to The Ferry Inn and then explore Salcombe.

We'd also recommend taking the South Sands Sea Tractor/Taxi from the centre of Salcombe to South Sands (Beach).

Whilst you are at South Sands (Beach), pop up to Overbeck's Garden and Museum (National Trust).

The views from the top of Sharp Tor are immense. A path runs behind the back of Overbeck's to this viewpoint.