Malcombe Sand (Beach), Salcombe, South Devon

Malcombe Sand (Beach), Salcombe, South Devon

Another beautiful, secluded beach in the arc of coast at Lannacombe Bay

Lannacombe Bay is the arc of coast running between Prawle Point and Start Point on Devon's southernmost coastline. Malcombe Sand (Beach) is a small, secluded beach next to the much bigger Horseley Cove (Beach) near East Prawle.


Location of Malcombe Sand (Beach)

We've positioned Malcombe Sand (Beach) on Google maps. Zoom in on the 'Satellite' setting to see its location.


Directions and parking for Malcombe Sand (Beach)

Drive to East Prawle. Follow one of the roads out of East Prawle to connect with the South West Coast Path. Walk east above Horseley Cove (Beach) and you'll come to Malcombe Sand (Beach).


Malcombe Sand (Beach)

Whilst you can't guarantee peace and quiet, Malcombe Sand (Beach) is almost as secluded as South Devon gets!

Inland, you'll see Maelcombe House by The Torrs. To the north east is Woodcombe Point. To the south west are Horseley Cove (Beach) and Langerstone Point

There are top views across the water to the Peartree Point area.


Things to do near Malcombe Sand (Beach)

Visit the Pigs Nose Inn in East Prawle.

Take in the views from Prawle Point.

Explore the sand beaches that line the Salcombe Kingsbridge Estuary.

Explore Start Point and visit Start Point Lighthouse.

Try also the shingle beaches around Start Bay.


Other beaches in the Malcombe Sand (Beach) area

Other beaches we'd recommend visiting in the bay include Lannacombe Beach and Great Mattiscombe Sand (Beach). These are both located east of Malcombe Sand (Beach) in the direction of Start Point.